Top 10 Useful, but Often Overlooked features in REC1

  1. Our Knowledge Base. Often users can find the answer to their questions by clicking on the REC1 Knowledge Base in the Support Tab.
  2. The new “Export Calendar > Create Feed” option. Not necessarily overlooked, but definitely not widely known yet as it’s brand new in this month’s release!
  3. Map-Based Facility Rentals – enhance your facility reservations by letting users see their camp sites, field rentals, etc.
  4. User dashboard with calendar view for individual/family calendar reminders for registrations and reservations.
  5. SMS Alerts – In addition to sending email messages through REC1, you can communicate via SMS/Text messaging.
  6. A/R CenterThis module allows you to pull balances (overdue or in the future) with a variety of filtering options, send bulk-invoices, edit due dates, bulk-assign cards on file and bulk-pay on multiple balances.
  7. Mobile – REC1 is available on-the-go to both administration and your public.
  8. Auto-billing – Continuous and Structured Auto-billing is a timesaver!
  9. Surveys – a valuable way to get feedback for marketing and for improving your programs!
  10. Our Social Media Feeds – sharing the latest news, reminders, events, webinars, and more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and