Activity Registration

Makes activity registration easy. Ask prompts at checkout, have waivers confirmed, present forms to your registrants, process credit cards and more.

  • Registrations accepted in-house or securely online
  • Registration page styled to match department website
  • Social network integration
  • Register multiple household members at once
  • Staff (with permissions) can alter fees, pro-rate, or leave balances
  • Present users with waivers and prompts
  • Add user account flags
  • In-House payments can be spread across multiple payment types
  • Merchant account integration
  • Branded receipts
  • Receipts and permits emailed after checkout¬†
  • Resident/non-resident determination

Facility Management

Take facility rentals and requests online or in office. Use the simple click and reserve interface to complete your bookings quickly.

  • Map- and Grid- Based facility reservations
  • Bookings can occur in-house or online
  • A master calendar gives staff a quick and easy way to view facility availability
  • All reservation types are integrated and prevent double-bookings
  • Rental bookings and quick adjustments
  • Admin reservations
  • Reservations for scheduled activities and head-to-head league games
  • Waivers, prompts, and forms
  • Recurring bookings
  • Easy refundable deposit tracking and flexible pricing capabilities
  • Parent-Child Location and Facility integrity for preventing double-bookings of subdivided facilities
  • Automated reservation reports to parks/maintenance staff
  • Post rental buffers
  • Reservations pending administrative approval mode
  • Restrictions for days in advance and days out that a facility can be booked


An enterprise level system built right in. Process a registration, book a facility, or sell merchandise in the POS screen from anywhere in the system.

  • Manage product categories
  • Flexible pricing
  • Touch screen friendly
  • Cash drawer and receipt printer interface
  • Inventory management (on roadmap)
  • Single checkout experience with program registrations and facility rentals
  • Multi-level tax support
  • Tax can be included in the price or tacked onto total Perfect catch-all for other items: drop-ins, concessions, and more
  • Create groups of items to enhance organization for staff
  • Configure and sell items through the same interface used by staff for program registrations and facility rentals
  • Multi-level tax support where tax can be included in price or extracted out in reporting
  • Create specific screens for specific locations so that POS items are relevant to place where POS is being used
  • GL and cost center assignment by location of sale

League Management

Organize and manage leagues year-round. Registrations by team or individuals,  schedules for regular season and tournaments.

  • Team or individual signup
  • Assessments
  • Auto-scheduling with drag-and-drop adjustments
  • Drag-and-drop drafting
  • Enter in game results
  • Schedules, scores, and standings available by link from your website

Membership Management

Sell memberships in house or online, print membership cards or use pre-printed dongles, and quickly check people in and out of the facility.

  • Create memberships of any duration
  • Member photo and status appear to staff upon scan
  • Use pre-printed membership keytags or print your own cards
  • Barcode or magnetic stripe reading
  • Recurring billing
  • Audible sound upon scan indicating status¬†
  • Can be used for activity check-in and roll

Mobile Experience

Administration and Public users may access REC1 on their mobile phone.

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Networking Integration
  • QR Code Support
  • No annoying app update or installation
  • Program registrations
  • Facility Rentals
  • Branded Receipts
  • Receipts and Permits e-mailed after checkout


Create, sell, and scan tickets for events.

  • Sell event tickets in-house or online (including mobile)
  • Barcoded tickets with receipt
  • Customer can present printed version of the ticket or display it on their phone
  • Staff can scan tickets from desktop or mobile


Advanced access, control, and customization of reports. Print, export, e-mail, save, and automate from within the system.

  • Over 100 canned reports - from closing out registers to cash receipts to GL reporting
  • Completely customizable filters and report fields
  • Exporting to Excel, PDF, graphs
  • Quick email capabilities for displayed reports
  • Custom report saving for future use
  • Scheduled reports for email delivery to any email address at any time

More Features

REC1 has many more functions built in to help your organization.

  • Surveys
  • Instructor Management
  • Social Sign-On for staff and the public
  • SMS Messaging
  • Mail Blasts
  • Advanced Reporting and Notifications
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Program and Pricing Analytics