Switching Recreation Software

Frustrated with your current system, but worried it will be more trouble to switch to new recreation software? It’s actually much easier than you think!

What happens with our database, accounts, bookings, and memberships?

REC1 can convert content from an existing user database, including accounts with credits, accounts with balances, future bookings, and active memberships. There are a number of custom developed scripts and libraries that are leveraged for data imports. The amount of effort is dependent upon the type of data (e.g., user data imports are typically straightforward, yet historical transactions are often time consuming to import). Through a more detailed discussion, REC1 can easily recommend options for extracting and saving data from your current system and can then provide a more detailed cost estimate.

Will the hardware from our old system work?

REC1 is hardware agnostic, so it can often use hardware already in place and will help provide integration as needed – even suggestions for new hardware if needed from existing REC1 users. Also, it’s important they know that all browsers/operating systems are regularly tested so you don’t have to have or use a specific browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) to use the REC1 system. Any internet connection from any mobile device will work!

Will it be hard to learn a new system?

“It is extremely user friendly. Anyone can use it!” – REC1 Customer

We know there is always a learning curve with a new system, so REC1 offers both online and onsite training for new customers. There is also have a searchable knowledgebase available to answer most questions.

What about processing credit cards? Can we retain our merchant provider?

REC1 has multiple credit card processing options. You may elect to have REC1 serve as the merchant of record for credit card processing for reasonable fees. Additionally, you may elect to integrate with your own merchant account. If you desire your own merchant account, but need to shop for a new one, REC1 can provide a reference to our well-regarded processing partners.

We use financial software. Do you integrate with that?

REC1 can produce a GL data extract compatible with your financial/accounting system. We have interfaced with a number of different systems and are confident that we can produce a file compatible with yours.

Ready to talk more about a switch to REC1? Contact our Sales Specialist at bstapleton@rec1.com.