Facility Rentals

Take facility rentals and requests online or in office. Use the simple click and reserve interface to complete your bookings quickly.

  • Map- and Grid- Based facility reservations
  • Bookings can occur in-house or online
  • A master calendar gives staff a quick and easy way to view facility availability
  • All reservation types are integrated and prevent double-bookings
  • Rental bookings and quick adjustments
  • Admin reservations
  • Reservations for scheduled activities and head-to-head league games
  • Waivers, prompts, and forms
  • Recurring bookings
  • Easy refundable deposit tracking and flexible pricing capabilities
  • Parent-Child Location and Facility integrity for preventing double-bookings of subdivided facilities
  • Automated reservation reports to parks/maintenance staff
  • Post rental buffers
  • Reservations pending administrative approval mode
  • Restrictions for days in advance and days out that a facility can be booked